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Passionate about exceptional customer experiences

We are a team of energetic professionals deeply committed to our clients, our people, and the customer experience. We believe in a people-first approach, and will work hard to help you achieve your goals. Our work is exemplified by the trusted relationships we develop, and we take great pride in our highly responsive service and stellar results.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations so you can exceed your customer’s expectations.


We help data-driven companies measure and monitor their customer experience.

We achieve this mission through our unique combination of people and technology built into each of our service offerings.

Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars represent the heart and hustle of 360 Relay and provide a strong foundation for our brand.


At 360 Relay, we are data-based and intellectually honest, fair, and objective in our research and in our business practices. We provide valid, credible, and robust data and work hard to cultivate open, genuine, and trusted partnerships with our clients, employees, and our shopper network.

Keep It Simple

The services that we provide are not inherently simple, but with our experience, we are able to help our clients and shoppers focus on what matters and set aside the rest. We believe strongly in the 80/20 principle and it is something we constantly hold ourselves accountable to.

Own It

We don’t shift blame to others, we always take responsibility for our decisions and our actions. We own our successes and our failures, as individuals and as a team. We are committed to putting our best foot forward every day and living with the results, without any regrets.

For the past few years, we have developed a great partnership with 360 Relay and their dedication to our company is evident in all aspects of their website and communication. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to making sure we have the best systems and processes in place! This company has been pivotal in helping us better our member retention and being able to gather data for our company to succeed!