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Our History

Our roots run deep in customer experience.

360 Relay is passionate about building exceptional customer experiences and committed to developing lasting partnerships with our clients and our mystery shopper network. Our roots are deep in hospitality, education and services having worked and owned businesses. Formerly part of Goodwin Hospitality, we have been objectively measuring and analyzing brand experiences for over 15 years.


In 1999, we originally started as Goodwin Hospitality after several years in the hospitality industry owning restaurants and businesses. It was there that our founder recognized a real need for consistent and better delivery of customer experiences. As Goodwin Hospitality grew, we expanded into three core business areas, each dedicated to a specific industry:

  • Goodwin Hospitality: Hospitality
  • Customer Prophet: Retail
  • Campus Feedback: Higher education

To better serve our more diverse client base, we united under one brand in 2018 as 360 Intel (Now 360 Relay). In 2021, Kurt Eddins took over full control of the business from Eric Goodwin, with great excitement and optimism about the company’s future.

At 360 Relay, we offer even greater industry breadth plus more in-depth services for a 360-perspective of your customer’s experience. We believe that under the 360 Relay brand and with our program and expanded services, we can focus on what truly drives the customer experience beginning with the mystery shopping program as a linchpin—to help our clients pivot to amazing customer experiences.