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Measure What Matters Most – the Customer Experience

The restaurant and hospitality industry is a fast-paced, dynamic industry where the customer experience matters most. A good experience can provide rave reviews and create brand loyalty, but one bad experience is often hard to recover from. While you trust your team members, opportunities still exist for improving their performance and putting your best forward. Utilizing one of the most experienced hospitality mystery shopping companies in the business can help!

With over 15 years in the restaurant business, we know what it takes to serve up amazing customer experiences. From fast food franchises to gourmet dining, our mystery shopper programs are specifically catered to help you strengthen and grow your business.

Hospitality Secret Shopper

Our hospitality secret shopper program offers our clients the chance to conduct a thorough restaurant audit and evaluate their teams when the supervisors are not in the building. Our mystery shoppers enter your establishment without your team knowing who they are and assess their experiences. Through this anonymous restaurant audit, you gain clear and actionable insights into how your team performs on a regular night.

Through our hospitality mystery shopper programs, our hospitality secret shoppers have helped clients across all segments, including:

  • Quick Serve
  • Fast Casual
  • Casual Dining
  • Takeout and Delivery
  • Upscale Dining
  • Bars/Night Clubs
  • Breweries and Wineries
  • Hotels/Resorts

Restaurant Evaluation

To get a complete picture of how your restaurant staff operates when you aren’t around, you need the right tools at your disposal. Anonymous restaurant auditing allows you to get an experienced restaurant auditor on the inside where your employees remain unaware and can act how they usually would on an average night.

With an exemplary hospitality secret shopper program in place, you can ensure that your team receives a thorough restaurant evaluation that measures how they handle busy, high-stress nights associated with the restaurant industry. Having the ability to navigate the variety of customers your establishment sees in one night while your staff remains professional, courteous, and helpful remains the goal for your team, and our anonymous restaurant audits can help ensure that’s what’s happening on a given night.

Our hospitality secret shopper team features experienced restaurant reviewers that know what to look for when conducting an audit. Our restaurant reviewers conduct a fair and accurate audit of your team and report their findings directly to you, including the quality of food, customer service, friendliness, and everything else that makes up the dining experience.

When our team goes through their restaurant auditing duties, evaluating the different locations of your hospitality franchises requires our restaurant auditors to have a clear list of what they’re looking for. We provide our hospitality secret shoppers with defined restaurant surveys that coincide with your established brand guidelines and operating procedures.

As our restaurant auditors conduct their visit, they take the time to evaluate every aspect of your locations and examine which ones perform the best and which ones could use some additional help. As they fill out their restaurant surveys, you will receive a detailed report of how each location underwent its restaurant evaluation. You can formulate a strategy based on those findings to improve the areas that most need it.

When making the right choice among the various hospitality mystery shopping companies on the market, you want to have the most detailed and comprehensive view possible of your teams. With 360 Relay in your corner, you know that your various locations and staff will be evaluated fairly and thoroughly to help identify where they are succeeding and which areas can see improvement.

If you are ready to start a hospitality secret shopper program, don’t wait! Contact the 360 Relay team to get the most comprehensive look at your teams today!

Strengthen the guest experience

  • Gain a 360-view of the guest experience through your customer’s eyes to help optimize your operation
  • Understand how new guests can contribute directly to top line sales

Drive growth

  • Understand and monitor the critical drivers for profitable success
  • Identify which locations are excelling and which locations need help

Help your employees excel at customer service

  • Understand what drives brand loyalty
  • Guide staff with what works and what doesn’t
  • Increase staff accountability
  • Ensure that each location is consistently delivering your brand promise

Restaurant/Hospitality Clients


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“Our desire to have great food and service is not enough. We train for it daily and needed the ability to measure it in some way. Using the Mystery Shopper Program has improved our service and effectively completed our desired 360- degree comprehensive training and evaluation program. We use the information on each mystery shop as a tool to ask for, and receive, better performance from our staff. Our employees actually like the feedback as they are recognized for a job well done. The results of the program are great service and a much better Flatbread experience than before the mystery shops.”

–The Flatbread Company

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