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Want to know what drives your customers? Gain a Better View.

Retail stores have a multitude of moving parts that keep the business running on a daily basis. Finding the areas of your business that run smoothly versus the areas that could use some attention can only boost your overall performance and help you make any necessary changes to make it the best possible experience. Managers and business owners sometimes don’t have the right perspective to get the complete picture of what their customers experience when they walk through the door. Conducting a thorough mystery shopper store audit can help thanks to a reliable store auditing program!

Store Auditing

We want to help you gain a better view of your retail operations. The 360 Relay Mystery Shopping Program gives you a 360-perspective of your customer’s experience. You’ll know what to keep, what to change and why you should make these changes — all in the name of helping you consistently delight your customers.

With the 360 Relay Mystery Shopping program, you get the big picture, as well as the individual specifics from each market area, by store, and even down to each employee. Find out how you can improve your sales through a better customer experience with the help of our retail store auditors.

Our mystery shopping program has conducted countless retail store audits, evaluations, and reviews for companies across the country. Some of the industries we serve include:

Retail Store Evaluations

While every retail store is different, the evaluations stay consistent across various industries. You want the store auditing to cover how your employees interact with customers, what the customer service looks like, and the overall cleanliness of the store, which are three of the most common items found on retail store audit & evaluation checklists. These evaluations offer an impartial look at how your team operates when you aren’t around and are conducted by experienced retail auditors who know what to look for and can identify potential problems you may have missed.

Retail auditing has become an exact science of evaluations, customer experience, and thorough store auditing practices that help you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing an outside source that hasn’t seen what went into your store’s procedures and policies can help you identify areas you may have missed.

Types of Retail Stores We Serve

The retail auditing process can prove beneficial to a wide range of industries. Gaining insight into the customer experience through a retail store audit has proven an effective means for managers to see where their staff succeed and where they can make improvements. Store auditing provides actionable insights that can be utilized as training opportunities and chances to praise those team members who perform well.

Our retail store auditors have worked with businesses and franchises to conduct thorough retail store reviews in locations such as supermarkets, clothing stores, liquor stores, furniture stores, fast food restaurants, and more! Our store auditing process helps give you a complete customer experience perspective and shows what your customers see from the second they walk into your retail space.

360 Relay has the experienced mystery shoppers your business needs to get the complete picture of your daily operations. We can help you get the customer’s eye view of their experiences and turn it into action. Contact our team to learn more about our programs today!

What Can 360 Relay do for you?

Strengthen the customer experience

  • Gain a 360-view of the customer experience through your customer’s eyes
  • Understand what is driving their experience—both positive and areas to improve
  • Understand how your venue looks and functions operationally
  • Learn what your brand communicates at the retail level

Drive growth

  • Understand and monitor the critical drivers for profitable success
  • Identify which locations are exceling and which locations need help
  • Evaluate merchandising, promotions and store inventory to optimize sales
  • Realize how to create efficiencies
  • Train staff on sales techniques that drive increased sales

Help your employees excel at customer service

  • Understand what drives brand loyalty so employees know what to focus on
  • Guide staff with what works and what doesn’t
  • Increase staff accountability
  • Use as a training tool to engage and reward your employees
  • Ensure that each location is consistently delivering your brand promise

Retail Clients

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“As the place where candy-obsessed come to indulge in the sights, smells and tastes of their favorite sweets and get immersed in the brand’s irreverent voice and fun-loving nature, IT’SUGAR is a different kind of specialty store. As such, we need to consistently monitor our fun factor and delivery upon the bold consumer experience our customers demand. The 360 Relay Mystery Shopping Program is our eyes and ears at retail to help ensure our success.”


Case Studies

Spencers TV & Appliance Drives Customer Service with Mystery Shopping

It has been said that almost everything in business is able to be copied – a logo, a product, a mission statement – but no one can copy your customer’s experience in your store.

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