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360 Relay Shopper Agreement: FAQ’s

360 Relay Shopper Agreement: FAQ’s

The very first line in the instructions for every shop you complete for 360 Relay states: Please review our Shopper Agreement to ensure that your assignment is approved for payment, along with a link to our shopper agreement.

The reason for putting this specification into every shop is because we want to be able to accept your shop and pay you for the work that you do! While each shop has its own, unique instructions, we do have a set of standards and directives that are outlined in our Shopper Agreement, which apply to every shop you accept. It’s vital that you read and understand these points before proceeding with mystery shops for 360 Relay. However, we realize that a lot of shoppers choose to sign the agreement, without actually reading it. We field a lot of questions each day through our Shopper Help Desk, and these questions can almost always be answered by reading through your signed shopper agreement.

Below are the most common questions we are asked, and all of these details are outlined in the agreement for further clarification.

When will I be paid?

            Our payment terms are 23-25 days; as long as you have completed a successful shop, and your account is properly set up, you will be paid within that timeframe.

Am I reimbursed on top of the fee listed on the shop?

            All of our reimbursements are flat rate meaning the amount listed on the shop is what you are paid, regardless of what you spend. If for whatever reason, there is a unique case and you are reimbursed for an additional amount, that will clearly be listed in the shop details.

When is my shop due?

            All shops are due within 24 hours of when the visit is complete; no exceptions.

Am I an employee of 360 Relay?

            No, you are an Independent Contractor; you are responsible for managing and reporting your own taxes. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with Independent Contractor status so you are aware of stipulations and terms that fall under this employment status.

Do I have to do the shop on the date I am assigned?

            Shops must be completed on the date they are assigned; if you need to reschedule, you can do that through your iSS account or you can contact your scheduler, but the date change must be approved prior to completing the shop.

Can I set up multiple accounts?

            You are only allowed to have one account within the iSS system. Having more than one account is considered fraudulent, and in some cases, against the law.

In order to be eligible for a shop with our company, we require that you read and sign our shopper agreement. While it may appear to be long and too much to read through, we highly recommend that you do; it can be the difference between having a shop approved or having your shop declined. As always, please let us know if you need any clarification with the way that the guidelines are written both in the shopper agreement and in your specific shop instructions.