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NEW GUIDE: 5 Ways to Protect Your Online Brand Reputation

Reputation risk is a critical strategic business issue. With more than 25% of a company’s value directly attributable to its brand reputation, and 41% of businesses who had already experienced a reputation risk event claim a loss of revenue was the biggest impact – company leaders need to take notice and prioritize investing in reputation management before it’s too late.

What’s more scary is that consumers are now in the drivers seat. Your brand reputation is no longer driven by you and what you put out there in the market. It is now governed by consumer sentiment as reflected online. Protecting your brand reputation means not only monitoring your customers’ experiences with your business at all touch-points, but also managing online reviews and sentiment. One negative Tweet, Instagram picture, or Facebook post can spiral into a brand reputation nightmare. Don’t become the next Ted Mosby.

This guide will share 5 ways you can protect your online brand reputation before you become a statistic.

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