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A Guide to Mystery Shop Timelines

A Guide to Mystery Shop Timelines

When you sign up to do a mystery shop with 360 Relay, there are many timelines that you need to be aware of. As there is a lot to keep track of in addition to the timelines, we do our best to make you aware of each important deadline when you sign up for a shop and through the ongoing email communication you receive. Below are some key deadlines and timelines to be aware of and why they are important:


  • When you sign up to do a shop, the date you schedule yourself for is the date you need to conduct the shop. If you are unable to make the shop on your scheduled date, you need to alert your scheduler as soon as possible. The majority of our clients operate on a month-to-month basis, meaning they expect a certain number of shops within a given calendar month. If a shopper is unable to complete a shop as scheduled, we need to know as soon as possible to give us time to get the shop back on the job board and find a new shopper before the month ends.
  • Once you conduct a shop, you have 24 hours to complete your shop report. Shops not entered within 24 hours will be automatically removed. At times, we are able to make an exception and extend your deadline, but it’s vital that you communicate with your scheduler before the 24-hour deadline passes.
  • When you are conducting a call or email shop that takes multiple days to complete, you need to make sure you understand the timeframe in which to hold your shop, follow up and submit. While the traditional shop has a 24-hour deadline, call and email shops all have different timelines that you need to be made aware of.
  • Once you submit a shop report, our quality assurance team will review it and get back to you regarding any questions within 24 hours. It’s very important to check your emails and alerts within 24 hours of when you submit your report, to ensure you are replying in a timely manner. We have a commitment to our clients that we must adhere to, so it’s vital that you stay available, even after you submit your report.
  • Once you submit your shop report and receive a confirmation email that the shop has been accepted, you will be paid within 20-25 days either through Venmo or PayPal, barring any issues with your iSecretShop account. If the payment remittance time goes past 25 days, you should reach out to the Shopper Help Desk.


While all of these guidelines are outlined in your signed shopper agreement, we understand that there is a lot to keep track of and remember. If you are ever unclear about any of these important deadlines, please don’t hesitate to reach out.