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Another Way to Evaluate Your LTO’s

Another Way to Evaluate Your LTO’s

When your organization rolls out a new Limited-Time-Offer or promotional item, do you evaluate the quality and popularity of that item purely based on sales numbers? If so, you may want to consider what many of our clients do – Mystery shop it!

Most people aren’t familiar with the extent to which we can customize our shops. The value and uniqueness of mystery shopping centers around the ability to hand tailor every aspect of the scenario as well as how the information is organized and reported back. We often suggest to clients: “Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes – What exactly would you be looking for?”

Here are some examples of criteria that we can specify:

  • Scheduling parameters
  • Order requirements
  • Shopper demographics
  • Things the shopper should (or shouldn’t) do and ask about
  • Picture requirements
  • Audio recording
  • And many others…

For your next LTO, ask us about setting up a project to have our shoppers evaluate the item in great detail, as well as how your team is describing and selling it. This information will empower you to make better decisions and hold your organization accountable, which will ultimately help boost sales.

You may even consider partnering with your supplier and sharing the cost…

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