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Become a Go-To Shopper

Become a Go-To Shopper

One of the biggest questions we receive from our mystery shoppers is, “How do I get more assignments”? Below is some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes, and how to set yourself up to have access to a bigger variety of shops.

The more information you provide in your shopper profile, the more shops you are going to have access to.

Our shops have different demographic requirements, depending on the type of shop and what our clients are looking for.  For example, some of our shops require a shopper of a specific gender, or age range, as our client is looking for very targeted feedback in one of those demographics.  It is very important to make sure your shopper profile is completely set up, and that you have filled out all demographic information. This includes very basic information like your age, gender, or income level, and then more targeted information like your cell phone or cable provider

Canceled, declined and late shops will result in a loss of points to your shopper account, making it harder to self-assign and making it less likely that you will be chosen for more shops.

Our scheduling team is looking for shoppers who complete their shops when scheduled, follow all shop instructions, and submit their reports on time. We understand that circumstances can occur; illness, weather issues, etc. that can affect a shopper’s ability to complete their shops, but it is extremely important to stay in communication with your scheduler and reschedule when possible. You should also make sure you review the full instructions and the shop form, before going on your shop, to ensure you know what is expected of you in the shop. Lastly, ensuring you submit your report within 24 hours of your visit, is extremely important.

When filling out your shop reports, double-check your work; make sure you have used proper grammar and spelling and submitted a report that will provide value to our client.

When our quality assurance team reviews submitted shop reports, they are reviewing the report for any spelling and grammar issues, but also ensuring that the report includes quality information that our client will be able to use. If you fill out your shop report and fail to provide quality narratives or submit a report with inconsistencies and discrepancies, our editors are going to note your account, and you will lose access to some or all of the shops available.

Other points of note:

  • Request shops early in the month and you will have a better chance of being selected.
  • Helping a scheduler with a last-minute shop goes a long way.
  • The more shops you complete, the more points and badges will be rewarded to your shopper account. Schedulers prefer to schedule high-badged shoppers as it shows they are reliable and experienced.

There is a lot that goes into scheduling shoppers for shops, and the good news is that the shopper can control a big part of what goes into that. Start by checking to make sure your shopper profile is filled out completely, and then when you are scheduled for a shop, ensure you complete your shops correctly, as scheduled, with detail, and on time.