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CampusFeedback and Campus Share Announce Partnership

Partnership will provide higher education new assessment and market research methods along with actionable plans to improve enrollment and admissions processes.

We are pleased to share the news of a partnership between CampusFeedback, a Goodwin Hospitality company, and Campus Share, offering clients an innovative way to measure higher education enrollment systems and processes, including marketing and communications efforts. Now institutions can take advantage of mystery shopping methodologies to collect valuable data regarding the interactions between prospective students and admissions websites, materials, and personnel. Services offered through this partnership are already helping colleges and universities manage enrollment processes more effectively. Our data collection, assessment, and remediation packages have helped institutions ensure that prospects and other constituents have a positive experience that reflects appropriately on the institutional brand.

CampusFeedback provides mystery shopping services for higher education to measure and monitor experiences throughout the student lifecycle. Campus Share consultants have extensive experience in higher education enrollment management and marketing and provide consulting services to colleges and universities for customer service strategy and remediation plans. Together, they provide higher education institutions process assessment, market research methods, and actionable plans to improve admissions processes and ultimately increase enrollments.

Customer experience is critical for college admissions leaders to manage and continuously improve. There is more competition than ever fighting for the same pool of potential students each year; if your institution doesn’t stand above the rest, prospective students will quickly turn to the campus where they had a more positive experience. Students, with help from their families, are choosing where they will spend the next 4 years of their life; if their first experience with you isn’t great, convincing them life on campus will be better is an uphill battle.

To date our partnership has identified many key points from working with institutions across the country. Some of the findings include:

  • Substandard customer service is prolific across institutions.
    • Admissions reception and phone processes are often a barrier to a positive first impression.
    • Phone transfer processes tend to be unnecessarily cumbersome and can lose prospects.
    • Admissions personnel tend to engage prospects within institutional policy contexts as opposed to understanding prospects’ needs and developing relationships.
  • Often there is a non-strategic approach to prospect engagement. Institutions do not approach interactions with prospects with specific goals and objectives in place to further qualify prospects and move them through the admissions funnel.
  • Admissions offices tend to have a disconnect between how they want to be perceived and how they are perceived based on their customer service performance.

The mission of this partnership is to help higher education adapt their mind set to provide superior customer service to convert prospects into enrolled students at a higher rate. It does this through providing colleges and universities with:

  • Customer service strategy development
  • Design of the tailored mystery shopper questionnaire template
  • Interpretation and presentation of findings
  • Remediation recommendations and reports
  • Site visits and staff presentations and trainings

Pairing mystery shopping research methodologies with actionable remediation plans allows institutions to see dramatic results quickly. For more information, please contact