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Communication Through the iSecretShop Platform

Communication Through the iSecretShop Platform

As a mystery shopper on the iSecretShop platform, you have many options in regard to how you communicate with the schedulers and quality assurance representatives that work for the mystery shop companies you engage with. Communication is a crucial aspect of the Independent Contractor and Mystery Shop Provider relationship and it’s vital that as a shopper, you understand the preferred methods of communication to ensure that your shop reports are accepted and that deadlines are being met.

When a scheduler reaches out to you about an available mystery shop in your area, the first mode of communication they will try is a phone call. Schedulers will often leave a voicemail and then follow up with an email with a brief description of the shops they have available to you. If you are interested in the shop, you can call, text, or email back to communicate with the scheduler; it’s completely up to you.

Once you have submitted your shop, you will receive an email notification that the shop has been successfully submitted. This email will be sent to you as an alert through the iSS website and as a notification through the app if that’s the platform you prefer as well as in an email to the email address you are registered with. Once the shop is approved or declined, you will receive another email and alert regarding the decisioned shop.

When you submit a shop, a quality assurance representative then reviews the report to ensure the shop was properly written, makes sense, and is a report that will provide value to our client. Oftentimes, our quality assurance reps have questions about your shop regarding a missing photo, a comment that was unclear, or something else along those lines that is preventing them from sending the shop through to the end user.  In these instances, the report will be sent back to you detailing the issue and you will receive both an email and an alert with an extended timeframe to resubmit your report. It’s extremely important that you continue to check your emails and alerts after you have submitted the report until you receive confirmation that the shop was approved.

It’s essential to understand the large scale at which we operate and why emails are the most common mode of communication. The software system on which we operate is set up in a way that makes email communication the most efficient and effective way to communicate as it saves the history of exactly what was done and said by our company, as well as the shopper so that there is never confusion about what was said and what deadlines were set.

Please ensure that your contact information is always kept up to date within your iSecretShop profile as communication before, during, and after your shop is completed is vital to the mystery shop process and delivering the end result within the timeframes promised to our clients. To make sure your account is current, we recommend logging into your iSS account, confirming you have the correct email address and phone number set up, ensuring that you have marked our domain as a safe sender, and finally, making sure that you have set up your iSS account to receive notifications. If you have any questions regarding the proper account setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.