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Customer Obsession Leads to Growth

Customer Obsession Leads to Growth

To grow your business, you must bring in new customers and keep them. To keep customers coming back, you must gain their trust and confidence in your brand with every interaction. There are many different ways to go about doing this and one success story was recently covered in this Forbes article.

As discussed in the piece, Mark Ang had one sole focus from the beginning of this entrepreneurial career: upholding his promises to his clients. As a small operation with a limited number of customers, that means one thing. Yet, if you expand to a larger size and scope, then it becomes more difficult to measure and monitor the customer experience. That is where a 360 Relay mystery shopping program can step in and help.

Any organization can say they are customer-focused, but without a consistent strategy to monitor daily operations, it is not possible to properly evaluate if all promises are being kept. Our shoppers can assess any interaction, including online, phone calls, or in-person, to verify if customers are being treated well throughout the process.

Using mystery shopping data, companies can be proactive in their understanding of the customer experience, rather than seeing a drop in sales and wondering why that may be the case. Additionally, companies can shop their competition and compare the experience, so they know what they may be up against.

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