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How Much Does Mystery Shopping Cost?

A mystery shopping program is an investment in your business. Mystery shopping assesses real customer experiences and perceptions of your staff, location, and brand. Many business operators struggle to see mystery shopping as more than a “nice” to have versus a “need” to have when they look at the line item in the budget. But when you consider the implications of not having a mystery shopping program – lack of insight and feedback about the real customer experience within your organization – how can you afford not to?

So how much does mystery shopping cost?

Here at 360 Intel, we are committed to transparency. Whether internal or external, we want to put all our cards on the table and make sure that all stakeholders are on the same page. We believe that dynamic is essential to a mutually beneficial client relationship. This transparency begins with the pricing we offer. We offer an all-inclusive per shop price point. We do not have a set-up fee, a licensing fee, a technology fee or anything else. This per shop price consists of two main factors: our cost of services and the shopper’s compensation for the assignment they are being asked to complete.

Each client is different, and those differences reflect the varying goals of each business we work with. Our pricing reflects those variations. To account for those variations, we have developed a pricing calculator. Think of our cost of services as a scope of work outline. Our pricing calculator ensures that our clients only pay for what they need, and nothing else. Inputs for our pricing calculator include, for example, the length of the questionnaire our mystery shoppers will be asked to fill out, schedule or demographic restrictions and the time it takes for the mystery shopper to complete the assignment. We provide an agreement that outlines the factors that have generated the output of the pricing calculator. We are going to walk you through exactly what you are paying for. Cost of services can range from $25-$100 per shop depending on the scope of work.

The second piece of your per shop price point is the compensation to the mystery shopper. This is an agreed upon flat fee that is paid to the mystery shopper for successfully completing their assignment. 360 Intel does not see one dime of the shopper’s compensation. The shopper compensation must cover the required expenses the mystery shopper will incur during their assignment as well as additional payment for their time in completing a great report. The more we can pay our shoppers the better our clients’ end-product will be. Shopper compensation can range from $10-$200 and varies widely based on the required expenditures of the mystery shop.

We will work with you to build a program that fits your needs and your budget.

For more information, check out our pricing page.