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How to get scheduled for more shops

Hey shoppers, has this ever happened to you? You are pursuing the iSecretShop job board, you come across an available shop that you know you would be perfect for, you get excited about the potential of completing it, clear your schedule to accommodate the shop, put in your request, and then get denied? If it has, you are not alone.

Posting Schedule

Requests can be declined for a variety of reasons. At 360 Intel, we assign shops on a first come, first serve basis with an aim of getting shops completed as early in the month as possible. We recommend requesting dates early in the month – you will have a much better chance of getting your request accepted.

Ranking System

We also assign shops based on a shopper’s points and badges within the iSecretShop system. If you are notorious for accepting shops and then bailing, your points go down and that doesn’t boost a lot of confidence with our scheduling team. Following through on your commitments and entering timely reports will help your shopper rating within the system. iSS also has a badge system, which rewards badges for a variety of different reasons:

  • The variety of shops you complete
  • The number of shops you complete
  • The timeliness of your reports
  • The quality of your reports
  • Your reliability as a shopper
  • Your ability to complete shops last minute during crunch time

Badges go a long way with schedulers and when we see a shopper who has racked up a variety of badges, we get very excited!


We do offer some shops that have a demographic requirement specified by our client. They determine these parameters based on the usual makeup of their patrons, so that they are getting feedback from shoppers who parallel their establishment’s common demographic. This includes defined income levels, gender, age range, or if they are looking someone with specific expertise in a certain segment, a required MSPA certification.  We recommend making sure that your entire extended profile is filled out within your iSS account with all of the demographic questions answered. If you don’t have each one listed, our system will assume you aren’t eligible, and your request will be declined.

Schedule Restrictions

We also observe specific location and shop rotation thresholds within our client’s shop schedules. We aim to space out shops as best as possible, while adhering to date, day and time specific restraints. If you make a request for a shop that you have completed within the last 60 days, or if you request a shop for a weekday, when a shop is weekend specific, your request will be denied.


At 360 Intel, we aim to confirm and accept as many of your shop requests as possible. To set yourself up to receive more shops, this is our best advice:

  • Ensure your extended profile within your iSecretShop account is filled out in its entirety
  • Always stand by your commitments and enter your reports in a timely manner
  • Request shops on days that are allowed, stay in rotation and request as early in the month as possible

Thank you as always for being a valuable shopper with 360 Intel!