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Mystery Shop Report Attachments

Mystery Shop Report Attachments

One of the most common inquiries we receive from our shoppers is regarding file attachments to their shop reports. There are a few different types of attachments that shops may require; receipts, photos, audio, and screenshots. The attachment requirements are laid out in the instructions so that you are aware of what you will need to obtain prior to completing your shop. It’s important to understand the difference between the various required attachments and to ensure they are properly secured and added to your report.


Receipts are required for any shop that involves a purchase. The receipt area of a shop report will always require both an itemized copy as well as proof of tip and it’s important to capture the location address, and time and date stamp. The receipt question will always ask you to provide the total spent and the items purchased.


Photos are becoming more and more common as visuals are a great way for our clients to view the product they are putting out, any cleanliness issues within their establishment, etc. We receive a lot of inquiries from shoppers regarding being weary of taking photos in a busy setting, but the reality is that in this day and age, it is very common for patrons to take photos of their food and post them to one of their socials. While a shopper may feel a little uncomfortable taking them, our clients understand the situation and still want and need the very valuable visuals these photos provide.


While audio files aren’t as common, we do have a handful of clients that require audio as part of their shops. Audio is most often obtained using one’s phone, but any device that can capture a recorded conversation will suffice. You must make sure that your device is hidden, yet not covered to the point it muffles the sound. You should never be concerned about the legality of recording the conversation as our clients are aware that the burden is on them to ensure their employees understand there is a possibility they will be recorded.


Screenshots are most often required within our phone and email inquiry shops. Clients are looking for proof that shoppers reached out when they say they did, so they can verify the date and time data within their internal systems. Each device captures screenshots in a different way and it’s important to make sure you are aware of how to do so; a simple Google search can usually provide you with an answer.

Helpful Tips:

Taking Photos: While the iSS app will allow you to take photos in real-time and attach them to your report, we do recommend using your phone’s camera feature to acquire the photos so that if there is a glitch in the iSS app, the photos will be impossible to retrieve. However, if you take them with your phone’s camera, they are easier to recover, should there be any issue.

Format: Photos should always be saved in JPEG format and audio files should always be saved in a WAV format.

Geo Tagging: Ensuring that you have location services turned on when taking photos and uploading them to your report will prevent any location errors from occurring.

We understand that attaching additional photos, files, etc. to your shop report can be challenging if you aren’t used to doing so, but it is usually a simple process regardless of the device you are using. Don’t hesitate to contact the Shopper Help Desk should you have any questions about this or anything else you may be unsure of regarding the successful completion and submission of your shop reports.