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Mystery Shop Report Writing 101

Mystery Shop Report Writing 101

At 360 Relay, we have a dedicated quality assurance team that reviews and edits every shop report that comes through our system. This quality check is in place to ensure that we are only sending the highest quality reports through to our clients. We promise to deliver reports that are polished, that make sense and that will ultimately add value to the end-user. While we do receive many reports that are properly written and thoroughly detailed, we do see a fair number of reports that require maintenance.

Below are the top five issues we come across in shop reports, and how to avoid making these mistakes.

  • Spelling and Grammar – This is the first, most straightforward issue, that you should be able to easily correct on your own. Our software system has built-in spellcheck, and so if you see a word underlined in red, you should address it. Basic grammar rules should also be followed; capitalizing the first word of any sentence along with any proper nouns, ending sentences with periods, and focusing on subject-verb agreement, are simple rules you should always follow when writing your shop reports.
  • Scores not Matching up with Comments – Oftentimes, a shop will receive a poor score, but the comments in the report, do not support the scores that are given, or the comments will completely contradict the scores given. It is extremely important that your report makes sense, and this means making sure that your narratives fully and accurately support the answers you have chosen.
  • Writing in the Past Tense – You are describing something that already happened; make sure you write your report that way; The service was great, I arrived during the lunch rush, I did not receive any utensils, etc.
  • Proper Descriptions – When you are asked to provide detailed descriptions of employees you encountered on your shop, make sure you are sticking to appropriate indicators such as gender, height, hair color, age-range and eye color. Anything regarding weight, build, race – should be avoided.
  • Answer what is Being Asked – The questions on our form are worded in a very specific manner, as our clients have dictated the exact information they want from each question on their questionnaire. Read the question through, before answering. For example, if the question is asking, “Please provide the exact time it took to be greeted”, your response should be a straightforward answer that provides the time increment. This question is not asking you how you were greeted, or what greeting was used, it is specifically asking for a time.

Our quality assurance team takes note of shoppers who write particularly good reports, and these shoppers can be rewarded with additional shopper badges and are top of the list when assigning shop requests. On the contrary, they also take note of reports that require a lot of editing work and will deactivate shoppers if their work does not meet our quality standards. Always make sure you double-check your work before submitting your reports, and as always, please reach out to us if you are ever unsure of how to properly fill out a shop report.