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Mystery Shop Software: App Versus Website

Mystery Shop Software: App Versus Website

As a mystery shopper with 360 Relay, you have the option to view available shops, update your profile, communicate with your scheduler, and submit your shop reports via the iSecretShop website or using the iSecretShop app. Both are viable options for completing your assignments in a timely manner and communicating with the companies on the iSecretShop platform. To figure out which one works best for you, please refer to the notes below, which highlight the distinct aspects of each tool. 

The iSecretShop Website

The website option is most often utilized by our shoppers who do not have an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. It can be accessed by any computer and allows for submission through the ease of using a keyboard. While both the app and website are clearly laid out with easy-to-read menus, it is often easier to view notifications, available shops, and other communications from the platform using the website on a computer, which shows a larger interface that is easier to read. The biggest drawback of using the website versus the app is that you do not have the efficiency of push notifications to your device, and you have to remember to check your email for any communication for the MSPs you are working with. 

The iSecretShop App

You can download the app onto your smartphone or tablet by searching for iSecretShop on the app store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android). Shoppers who use the app will often receive notifications of available shops first, as in this day and age, everyone has their phones with them at all times, whereas not everyone has their computers with them. The app allows for push notifications, which will notify you when there is a shop close to the home address you have set, as well as when there is a shop available in the area you happen to be. 

The app will also notify you when you have a shop due, when your shop is late, or when you have been removed from a shop, in real-time. If you choose to fill out your shop report through the app, you do not have the option of a physical keyboard if on your smartphone, but you can use the push-to-talk feature, so the only typing involved is when you have to edit something that the form has recorded that may be incorrect, misspelled, or missing punctuation. If your shop requires photos, you can take them right through the app, which makes attaching your files much easier. 

Both the website and the app work in the same way, and both will allow you to communicate with schedulers, view shop assignments and details, and ultimately, submit your reports. When I first started in this business almost 15 years ago, we actually had shoppers mailing in reports through the U.S. postal service! Having these two convenient options allows for faster shop delivery to our clients and a more efficient instrument for our shoppers to use.  

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