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Mystery Shop Template Creation Tips

Mystery Shop Template Creation Tips

When creating the questionnaire that you want to use for your mystery shop reports, there are going to be a lot of different areas you want shoppers to provide feedback on, and you most likely will have a lot of specific questions you want to be answered. It is important to keep in mind the length of your form and to ensure you are only asking the most vital questions. While our shoppers are experienced and are able to retain a lot of information on their shop visits, the more questions and the more you ask shoppers to recollect when filling out the reports, the less likely it becomes that they will remember everything. Below are the most important areas to focus on, when creating your shop form.

Customer Service

This area covers a lot of different facets including but not limited to, timing, greeting, communication skills, service and product knowledge, steps of service, cash and product handling, loyalty, and promotional mentions, upselling, and compliance. Customer Service can also be split into different sections that address all the different employees a shopper is going to encounter on their visit (host, greeter, server, bartender, cashier, chef, manager, etc.)


Cleanliness covers not only the obvious physical areas of the establishment but the exterior landscaping and parking areas, the staff’s attire, the restrooms, dressing rooms, plate ware and glassware, floors, surfaces, etc.

Product and Service Quality

Whether you offer a product or a service, it is important to obtain the shopper’s feedback in regard to what you are asking them to purchase in the shop.  While a lot of it is going to be subjective feedback, you can still gather data that will highlight important trends in this area.

Likelihood to Return and Recommend

Also known as an NPS score which is based on a 1-10 rating, this question will help you to gauge the shopper’s satisfaction with your product or service, along with their loyalty to your business. A lot of clients consider this the most important question on the shop report.

Of course, it all completely depends on your specific focus and targets, and our client help desk team is ready and able to help you through this important part of the process. Our client help desk team has a lot of experience working with clients to customize and tailor their shop forms, based on the specific client’s needs. We will work with you not only on question creation but in setting up the form so that it makes sense for the shopper, as well as how to properly weigh your questions so that the most important questions on your form properly affect the score based on their significance.  We are here to work with you in creating a template that is going to provide valuable, actionable feedback to you and your team, regardless of what you want the focus of your shops to be.