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Mystery Shopper Support Services

Mystery Shopper Support Services

At 360 Intel, we have a dedicated shopper help desk and scheduler team that aims to always assist shoppers in a timely manner. Whether it be clarifying a shop instruction, a payment inquiry, rescheduling a shop, or any other inquiry shoppers may have regarding their mystery shops, we aim to get back to all shoppers as quickly as possible.

We understand that there is a time constraint on these shops, and we want to make sure you have the information you need, prior to embarking on your shop. While we are not staffed 24/7, we do aim to reply to all shopper emails, calls, alerts, and texts within a 12-hour period, max. During standard business hours, inquires are responded to much quicker and it is important for you, as the shopper, to be prepared and ask any questions you have about your assignment prior to the date of your shop so that you are equipped with the information you need to complete your shops successfully.

Most general inquiries can be answered by visiting our Shopper FAQ page or referring to your visit instructions and any attachments associated with the visit details. While we are able to answer the majority of your questions, we do have to rely on our software partner, iSecretShop, to assist with some of the shopper inquiries, and where the support comes from, depends on the nature of the inquiry.

Our shopper support at 360 Intel will always be able to help you with the following:

*Scheduling, Rescheduling, or Cancelling a Shop

*Instruction or Shop Instruction Clarity

*Payment Inquiry

*Scheduling Rotations and Restrictions

*New Shopper Referrals

*Shop Declines

*Shopper Status (points, badges, etc.)

*Date and Time Extensions

Due to laws in place for Independent Contractors and most specifically, laws relating to identity protection and privacy, there are specific inquires that the iSecretShop support team is responsible for handling. This is to protect you and to keep your personal information confidential. Some examples of what iSecretShop can assist you with are:

*Updating any personal information:

-Phone Number, Email Address, Name, etc.

*Resetting your password

-They reset your password using an auto-generated formula so that you are the only one to receive that information.

*Any software-related tech support; issues logging in, accessing the app or website, or any general concerns about the software platform specifically.

If you ever need to submit an inquiry to the iSS support team, you can click here. While we cannot control their response time, they are also very timely in getting back to shopper tickets. When submitting a ticket, be very specific with your inquiry, and provide all pertinent details as that will aid them in determining a solution faster.

Our support team at 360 Intel, along with the iSS support staff understand the impact mystery shoppers have on our overall success, and our shared goal is to provide shoppers top-notch customer service at all times. Do not hesitate to reach out at any time, regardless of your inquiry and we will always strive to point you in the right direction.