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Mystery Shopper Tips: Staying Organized

Mystery Shopper Tips: Staying Organized

One of the major attributes that someone needs to become a reliable and dependable mystery shopper is to be organized. There are many ways to go about getting organized, and it is key to establish a process that will set you up for success as you build your mystery shopper brand.

Before you Accept a Shop …

*Set up an appropriate email address, preferably separate from your work email, and make sure it is set up to receive notifications from the MSP’s that you work with.

*Ensure your account is fully set up with an accurate name, phone number, email address, home address and PayPal email, along with any other demographics asked for in your shopper profile.

After you have Accepted a Shop …

*Add the shop to your calendar or set up a reminder in your phone detailing the date, time, and location. We also recommend adding a link to the visit particulars in your calendar reminder, as a quick way to access the details of your shop. It is also beneficial to add additional dates pertaining to the shop to your calendar such as, when the shop is due, and when you can be expected to be paid.

*Confirm the payment method required on your shop and ensure that you have the appropriate funds to cover what is required to purchase on your shop, whether it be a credit card or cash payment.

*Ensure that your devices (camera, phone, video camera, etc.) are fully charged with enough space and memory to capture any photo or video files you will be required to obtain.

While on your Shop …

*Keep detailed notes using your phone; type out what you will not be able to remember when you go to fill out the shop report such as employee names and any timing details.

*Use the app provided by the software platform; entering portions of your shop in a discrete manner on your device is encouraged. In this day and age, everyone is on their phone, all the time, so it will not set off any red flags.

*Taking and saving photos; know what photos need to be taken, and when it is appropriate to take them. Save the photos in a specified folder on your device for easy access when you need them. We recommend taking the photos through your device, not through the shop app you are using to fill out your report.

After you Shop…

*Fill out your report right away, while the information is fresh in your mind. Most shop reports are due within 24 hours of when they occur, and it is extremely important that you hit the deadline given.

*Write your report using specific detail and objective feedback. Check your spelling and grammar and reread your report before you hit submit to ensure it makes sense and will add value to the end user.

*Look for the confirmation email after you submit and save any documentation you receive from the MSP you are submitting the report for.

*Track your expenses using Excel or Xpense Tracker. Track your mileage, using MileIQ or another mileage app, as well as your tolls and other expenses.

Everyone has their own methods and techniques for organization, and it is important to find what works best for you. Being prepared and following through on your organization plan is an essential part of mystery shopping and will only help you in becoming the type of shopper that MSP’s look for when scheduling assignments.