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How Mystery Shopping Benefits Both Clients and Shoppers

A well built Mystery Shopping Program at 360 Intel is a win-win for both our clients and our mystery shoppers. The program is beneficial for the client because they receive an unbiased review of how they operate. The program is also beneficial for the shopper because they receive reimbursement for their meal/product and compensation for their time in completing an assignment.

The shopper who participates in the program agrees to go into a particular restaurant or store at a designated time and day of the week. Upon entering, the shopper begins to evaluate all aspects of the store. This would include elements such as the cleanliness of the store, how busy it is, if the employees greeted the shopper, how the employees treated the shopper and the overall satisfaction of the shopping experience. After the visit is complete, the shopper fills out an online questionnaire about their experience.

The honest answers of a neutral mystery shopper are immensely helpful for a client for many reasons:

  • Provide insight on how attractive the inside and the outside of the store is
  • Ensure signage is updated and in the proper place
  • Managers get an idea of how their employees interact with each other and their customers when they are not around
  • Learn how to improve on upselling
  • Insight on how knowledgeable employees are about a product or service
  • The client can learn if they need to improve on their customer service training with employees
  • The level of satisfaction with the quality of food, product, service

The mystery shopper themselves benefit from completing an assignment in the following ways:

  • Reimbursement for the required expenditures of the assignment  
  • Additional compensation for the time spent completing the report
  • Provide substantive feedback that will help business to grow and improve their operation
  • Have fun!

Mystery Shopping is an all-around useful service that ends in positive results for both the client and the shopper. If you haven’t given it a try before, register now as a mystery shopper with 360 Intel by visiting our Shopper Zone!