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New Reporting Features in 2019

Our software partner, Prism Intelligence, is always making updates to their platform to make the process of completing shops smoother for mystery shoppers and to make it easier for clients to view and understand the data. This post highlights some of the recent changes made that may be of interest to our clients if they aren’t aware of them already:

  1. Texting – Would you like to be alerted to new shops or audits via text message? We can add this feature free of charge!
  2. The old issdirector site is now offline – Please make sure to bookmark the new site:
  3. Shopper Cancellation Reasons – Interested in learning why shoppers schedule themselves for your shops and then don’t follow through? We can run a report of this and share it with you to determine ways to improve your program so that fewer shoppers cancel.
  4. Inventory question types – Do you use our field audit tool for tracking inventory? If not, would you like to? There is a new feature in the system which makes this easier than ever.
  5. Highlight colors on the dashboard – Would you like to set up rules to highlight certain columns or rows on your reporting in custom colors? We can do that for you, once again free of charge.
  6. Multi-Photo Questions – Rather than creating several questions with one photo for each, we can now allow multiple photos to be associated with one question for shops and audits!

Please reach out to the Client Help Desk at if you are interested in learning more about adding these features to your program.