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Q&A with Komiel Mohsen, COO of Nick the Greek

Q&A with Komiel Mohsen, COO of Nick the Greek

Quick background on NTG:

Nick the Greek started when the 3 Nicks (Big, Little, and Baby) realized that there was no traditional Greek Street food in the states. They traveled to Greece every year, and when they came back, there was nothing at home to fulfill their cravings. They took it upon themselves to create our concept and bring Greek Street food to the masses. Nick the Greek specializes in gyros (rotisserie meats), souvlakis (charbroiled skewers), fresh salads, and traditional desserts like loukoumades. We opened our first location in 2014 and began franchising in 2019; today, we have 33 locations. 

NTG goals and plans for the future:

Nick the Greek’s goal is to take our concepts nationwide and introduce Greek street food to families across the country.

Why you originally chose to engage with 360 Relay:

After interviewing multiple companies to aid in the support of our franchisees, we felt most comfortable working with 360 Relay due to the amazing response and customer service we received from day one.

Early impressions of 360 Relay after we first started working together:

Initially, we used the shops to ensure that certain criteria were being met and treated it as such. Once we saw how great the information that Kurt and the team provided, we realized that 360 Relay provided much more than simply secret diners, and we decided to make them an integral part of our brand. 

How do you use the shops to improve your operations?

Shops allow us an opportunity to see our business through the customer’s eyes. It’s even better than that because it’s a professional customer’s eyes. At times you may think that your operation is efficient and going well, but another set of eyes may see things very differently, and that is just an amazing tool.

How do you use the field audit app to improve your operations?

Field audits are an essential tool for a franchise business. The field app tool is easy to use and customizable to our business which really helps us crack down to the most minute details of what any problem may be. Field audits have become the most valuable tool to our franchise business because it preps our team and our franchisees for health inspections, shows them what areas need improvement and what areas have improved.

How do you use the brand reputation management platform?

Replying to online reviews and seeing review trends can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Brand reputation makes all this achievable with a snap of a finger. We use the tool once a week, and within minutes we can reply to all reviews, not just the bad ones, see what metrics we are hitting and missing on via the pulse tool and gauge our overall customer sentiment. It’s an amazing tool.

How do you integrate 360 Relay into your franchisee training/ramp-up strategy?

360 Relay is an integral part of our franchisee training and initial opening strategy. Our franchisees are trained to hone in on key metrics as well as track their reputation during their openings and during regular business hours. It’s an amazing tool that provides them with an opportunity to learn more about their business than they ever thought.

How does 360 Relay fit into NTG’s goals/plans for the future?

We are always looking to develop our partnership with 360 Relay further and create custom reporting and metrics that provide us an opportunity to learn more and continue to develop our brand. 360 Relay has been integral in our growth, and our partnership has been extremely beneficial to both parties. 

Favorite part about working with the 360 Relay team thus far?

Kurt and the team are easy to contact and work with. They understand what is important to a restaurant owner, and they work with you side by side to develop the platform to your liking. I can’t say enough about how satisfied we are with working with 360 Relay. They are truly a step ahead of their competition.

360 Relay has helped Nick the Greek with their restaurant evaluations and can do the same for your business if you are looking for further insights into your customer experience. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our mystery shopping programs!