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Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance Process

At 360 Relay, we pride ourselves on the core values we have established and strive towards building a team that lives up to these values every day. Integrity is one of our three core values, and while this touches so many areas of our business, our quality assurance team is the most directly responsible for ensuring integrity in every shop report that comes through our system.

Quality Assurance is one of the most vital pieces of the mystery shop process. Every single shop that comes through our system is touched by a quality assurance representative before the report is delivered to the end user.  We have built a team of editors who work seven days a week to ensure that shop reports are being sent to our clients within a 24-hour timeframe from when they are submitted.

Our team of editors is trained to look out for myriad things when they are reviewing and assessing shop reports. Those items include:

  • Shop Validity: Ensuring that the shopper has visited the location they were assigned, purchased the required items, tipped appropriately if applicable, conducted the shop on the assigned date and within the allotted timeframe and followed all basic instructions and guidelines outlined in the shop details. They do this by verifying a legitimate receipt which needs to include all of these pertinent details.


  • Grammar and spelling: Our editors comb through each report to ensure the reports are grammatically sound, are written in the past tense, and that proper sentence structure is used throughout the report.


  • Score and Comment Agreement: The comments written throughout a shop report must reflect the answers and scores the shopper has logged. Our editors ensure that any score, and specifically any negative experience, is properly explained within the report and thus our editors are checking for any inconsistencies or contradictions.


  • Quality Narratives: Our editors read each comment within a report to ensure that the final product will make sense to the client receiving it. While we never change the sentiment of what our shoppers are stating occurred on their shop, we do take the step of rewording it in a different way to make sure it’s clear and provides appropriate constructive feedback.


  • Photo and File Authenticity: The software system that houses all of our mystery shop data has a built-in fraud checker that catches the vast majority of any falsified photo and receipt attachments. Our editors take the extra step of looking into these fraud alerts to ensure that the client doesn’t receive anything that appears questionable.


Our quality assurance reps work directly with shoppers in regard to missing data or discrepancies within their shop reports and provide hard deadlines to resubmit if something is amiss with their report. When a shopper has not performed a shop correctly, or up to our standard, we decline the report and note the shopper’s account. If a shopper consistently fails to complete shops properly, we deactivate them from our system so that they are no longer eligible for shops with our company.

At the end of the day, the main objective for our quality assurance team is to ensure that the reports we deliver to our clients add value to their business. Our clients need to have trust and confidence in what we are delivering to them, and the quality assurance team is a key piece of the process that makes that possible.