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Shop Declines and How to Avoid Them

Shop Declines and How to Avoid Them

One of the most common questions we receive from shoppers is regarding shop acceptance; knowing what is required and what is essential to having shop reports accepted and approved for payment. In addition to guiding shoppers to the specific shop instructions for the visit they are assigned, we also refer them to their signed shopper agreement. The agreement outlines a blanket list of requirements and rules that cover every shop we conduct through our system.

Unfortunately, there are times when we are forced to decline a shop. When we decline a shop, it means that the data and feedback provided do not get sent to our client and no payment is issued for the shop. We do our best to avoid declines; essentially, we want to accept every shop that is submitted to us so that we can compensate shoppers for their time and so that we don’t have to spend time rescheduling the visit. However, there are some firm rules in place that we can’t make exceptions for, as we must always honor our client’s requests and requirements.

Below is a list of the most common reasons for shop declines, and how to avoid them:

*Purchase requirements aren’t met.

Each shop that requires a purchase lists specific items or item categories that must be met. If a shop requires two alcoholic drinks, an appetizer, and two entrees and you don’t drink alcohol, then you shouldn’t accept the shop.

*Clear and proper photos aren’t provided. 

            All of our shops that require food purchases also require a photo of the items purchased before any bites are consumed. We recommend always taking your photos with the camera function on your device, not through the iSS app should you have any technical difficulties or not be connected to Wi-Fi at that time.

*Shop submission deadline isn’t met.

            All shops done for 360 Relay are required to be submitted within 24 hours of when the visit is completed unless otherwise stated in the instructions. We have a time commitment to our clients to submit reports within a specified timeframe, and we won’t make exceptions.

*A proper tip is not left.

            All dining and bar shops require at least a 15% tip. If this minimum is not met, your shop will be declined.

*Shop instructions aren’t followed.

Shop instructions vary by shop, and often change from time to time. If you accept a bar shop and choose to sit in the dining room, your shop will not be accepted. If the shop requires you to ask an employee a product knowledge question and you fail to do so, your shop will be declined. We will only accept a shop where all specific guidelines and instructions are followed.


Our clients are paying us for a specific type of shop and scenario, and we need to ensure we are honoring that commitment. It’s important that you are always reviewing exactly what is required of you prior to venturing out on your shop and as always, please direct any questions of unclarity to our shopper help desk.