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Shopper Resolutions to Carry You Into the New Year

Shopper Resolutions to Carry You Into the New Year


It’s that time of year when many motivated people decide to commit themselves to New Year’s resolutions in hopes of bettering themselves in some aspect (or, in some cases, multiple aspects) of their life. However, studies have shown that only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. The main reason for this is that people fail to set attainable, tangible goals for themselves, which are key elements of realistic resolutions. 

Most resolutions will likely revolve around bettering one’s health, saving money, or focusing on mental health. These are all great resolutions and are goals that we encourage others to work towards no matter what time of year. However, some of these are not as specific or quantifiable as a resolution should be.

Which Resolutions Are Best for the Mystery Shopping Industry?

As a mystery shopper, there are resolutions you can make that are not only attainable but that will also make you a more ideal secret shopper for the companies you work with. Below are some great resolutions to make to improve your national mystery shopper status with 360 Relay, as well as other mystery shopping jobs and marketing research you may involve yourself with in 2022. 

  • I resolve to abide by all timelines and honor the obligations I have committed to, and I will always submit reports within the allotted timeframe. 
  • I resolve to communicate with my scheduler in a timely manner regarding any outstanding questions they have surrounding my reports. 
  • I resolve to write complete, fact-driven reports using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 
  • I resolve to write transparent, objective, and honest reports regarding my customer experiences. 
  • I resolve to review all instructions and requirements before completing my mystery shop to ensure I am confident that I can complete the shop to standard.
  • I resolve to respect the confidentiality of the organizations I shop for, as well as all information collected. 
  • I resolve to ensure my shopper account and profile are properly set up and complete so that I will receive my payments in a timely manner. 
  • I resolve to take responsibility for adhering to all aspects of the shopper contracts I have signed for the various MSPs I have contracted with. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of resolutions and the fresh start mentality that comes with turning the calendar over to a new year. Setting goals and resolutions is a smart way to start the year off right. If becoming a superior, reliable, go-to shopper is something you hope to do this year, setting the resolutions above is a great way to get you on the right path. With these steps in mind, you can deliver more accurate customer service evaluations to companies that can utilize your findings to improve their business.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!