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Shopper Status: Helping Your Account Stay Active

Shopper Status: Helping Your Account Stay Active

When you sign up to be a shopper with 360 Relay, you have access to thousands of shops across the country in a variety of different industries. In order to stay eligible for all of the shops and customer service audits that we have to offer, you need to ensure your shopper account stays in an active status. Once you receive a ban on your account, or your account receives a system ban, you are no longer eligible for shops and may be removed from our mystery shopper network. Below are possible reasons your account may receive a ban.

Fraudulent Activity

This term covers various forms of fraud, but accounts are often banned due to a shopper committing some form of fraud on one of their shop reports. Some examples of fraud that we look for include using fraudulent photos to meet a filing requirement, doctoring receipts, or providing inaccurate information within a shop report. 

Duplicate Accounts

Shoppers are allowed to have one account within the iSecretShop system. This guideline is not only a rule in place to ensure proper shopper rotation, but it is also required by law. Creating more than one profile with more than one PayPal or Venmo email allows shoppers to avoid paying taxes on the money they have earned, potentially leading to lengthy legal sagas.  

Negative Points

Any canceled or declined shop in the system results in a loss of points. At 360 Relay, we will ban your account if you pass negative 100 points. We understand that situations arise here and there that will cause you to miss a shop, but a pattern of this behavior will result in an account ban. 

Communication Issues

Our quality assurance team aims to work with shoppers to ensure that we are passing through every shop that we can. If your report is incomplete, or there are conflicting or confusing data within your report, an editor will reach out, and you must respond within the deadlines allotted to ensure for proper turnaround on your report. If you fail to respond within the deadline provided, your account could be banned. 

Declined Shops  

If we are constantly declining shops because of instructions not being followed, data being reported incorrectly, or any other consistent issues with your shop reports, your account will most likely be banned. 

Any Violation of our Shopper Agreement 

Our shopper agreement is referenced in all of our shop instructions, and a signed shopper agreement is required in order to conduct shops for 360 Relay. Any breach of our agreement will result in a ban of your account. 

General Attitude  

Our team works hard to ensure that all shoppers leave every interaction happy and satisfied. As we live in an imperfect world, that’s an impossible threshold to meet. However, any negative treatment of our team, abusive language, or inappropriate words or actions against our team will result in a ban.

We work hard to recruit shoppers to our site, and our goal is to retain as many shoppers as we can — the bigger shopper pool we have to work with, the better it is for everyone. We take pride in our extensive shopper database, and we strive to keep it intact. If you are ever unclear about the status of your account or need more information about anything mentioned above, or any other details about our secret shopper program, please don’t hesitate to let us know.