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ShopperFest 2018 – Organization Tips For Mystery Shoppers

This year’s ShopperFest being held by the MSPA is on June 15-17 and we are thrilled our VP of Operations, Randi Hardiman, will be presenting at the conference held in Grapevine, Texas.

Her talk will be about how Mystery Shoppers can get organized before, during and after their shop assignments. With her list, she aims to educate shoppers on how to get rid of the risk involved in mystery shopping and to ensure a successful shop. Here are some highlights from her presentation.

Section 1: Before You Shop:

Mystery Shoppers should begin with a check list of things they’ll need before they begin on their endeavors as a mystery shopper. Shoppers need a valid email address and will be required to register online. During sign up, individuals will be asked for their PayPal account to be reimbursed or compensated for their time. She’ll also cover what’s needed to have correct devices to complete the shop – which may include the use of a smart phone, camera, video recorder, voice recorder, etc. Additionally, Randi will cover scheduling best practices to be sure shoppers are on top of their schedule.

Section 2: While You Shop

This is the time where you need to focus and keep in mind the instructions provided to complete the shop. Randi will cover how to keep detailed notes with the help of your phone through texting, notes or using the ShopIt application. Taking Pictures is key! She’ll discuss taking photos through the camera and not the app.  Shoppers need to know what photos need to be taken and find an appropriate time to take them.

Section 3: After You Shop

Once you have completed the shop, it’s important you enter information while it’s still fresh, and so you can meet your deadline. Randi will review how you track and submit expenses using various apps. She’ll also discuss completing the shop report and best practices to ensure your report is approved and you get paid.

So if you’re heading to ShopperFest, be sure to stop by the 360 Intel table and attend Randi’s session. We hope to see you there!  Not going to make it this year? Check out our shopper resources in our Shopper Zone!