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Take Out and Delivery Mystery Shops

Take Out and Delivery Mystery Shops

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, have you shifted your restaurant operations to accommodate more take out and delivery orders from your customers? If so, then you are already very familiar with all of the details and complexities that go into such an undertaking. From technology to inventory to staffing and training, there is a lot to consider.

Here at 360 Intel, we’ve been blown away by the flexibility and resilience we’ve seen from our clients over the past year as they have worked to make this transition in order to meet the demand and keep their businesses afloat.

As the percentage of your sales shifts more toward delivery and take out, an important component to keep an eye on is the customer experience. With all of these new policies and procedures in place, it is critical to hear from the customer not only how the product looks and tastes, but also what their experience is like from the ordering process until they receive their goods. One great way to capture this feedback is through mystery shopping.

Here are some key features to consider when designing your delivery and take out shops:

  • The reports are shorter and focus more on the phone call and/or online ordering process.
  • The shoppers can order specific items so you can see how well they are traveling.
  • Pictures can be included as part of the report.
  • Pricing tends to be lower than dine-in shops, usually in the $50-$80 range per shop.

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to structure the shop itself, then the next decision is the schedule. Most of our clients choose to have their locations shopped anywhere between 1-4 times per month to get a consistent flow of feedback within their organization. It is also important that your staff is aware of the program and knows what questions are on the shop so they can treat every customer like a potential mystery shopper. You can also consider giving out bonuses for high scores.

Before the pandemic began, there was already a shift taking place in the hospitality world toward more take out and delivery business, and the pandemic has only accelerated that movement. It appears that this trend will continue long after the pandemic as well. Whether you have already embraced the change or you are preparing your business to move in this direction in the future, we strongly recommend including a mystery shopping program as part of your strategy.

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