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The Trickle Effect of NOT Utilizing a Mystery Shopping Program

You sit in front of your TV looking for something to pass the next few minutes, and you land on a marathon of the program “Bar Rescue.” As you watch the episode unfold, you can’t help but wonder how the staff became so inefficient, and more so, how the owner of the establishment let it get to that point.

An inefficient staff can mean a lot of things; anything from bad service, to poor sales, or even a bad atmosphere. When a staff underperforms, the customer experience is negatively affected and their likelihood of returning or recommending your business declines. Even worse, bad experiences are often shared in online reviews and potential customers learn about it.

What happens if customers stop returning? Revenue will decrease, which leads to laying off staff or decreasing product options. Cutting back on service or product quality may eventually lead to closing your doors. While no one can predict the future, building a mystery shopper program that mirrors your current standards and expectations will allow you to keep a pulse on your team even when you aren’t there.

With 94% of diners choosing restaurants based on online reviews, it’s critical to get ahead of the issues with a combination approach – 1) identify and prevent issues with a mystery shopping program and 2) manage reviews with an online brand reputation manager. Learn more about the 360 Intel Advantage and our commitment to helping brands monitor and manage their customer experience by scheduling a quick phone meeting with us.