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Tips for Auditing Your Sales Process

Tips for Auditing Your Sales Process

If you’ve put in the time, money, and energy to develop a specific sales process for your organization, then it is critical to implement a program for auditing that process and how well your sales reps are following it.

Here are some of the things that our national mystery shoppers can look for to ensure that your sales process is consistently happening as it should for an optimal conversion rate:

Automation/CRM Tracking

Our shoppers can reach out by phone, email, or web inquiry to start the process. We can set specific days of the week or times of day, which will allow you to ensure that things are triggered properly on the backend in your systems based on whatever criteria you have set.

Response Time

Do you expect your reps to follow up within a certain timeframe? We can set a point scale in the shop report to reflect your expectations. For example, it can be a pass/fail (respond within one hour or lose all points) or along a spectrum (the longer it takes, the more points are lost). 

Quality of Initial Response

Are there particular elements that you coach your sales team to include in the initial response? Are there certain items (i.e., price) that you might want them to avoid in the first outreach? Our evaluators can report back and include screenshots of emails as well so you can see for yourself what is being said by your team.

Script Following

We can get very specific by having our shoppers look for certain phrases throughout the sales experience. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we will include questions in the report about the desired scripts and/or prompts used. 

Product Knowledge

Throw some curveballs at your team — put them on the spot by asking them various questions about the products they are selling. This will help you uncover training opportunities. Don’t assume they know everything; put them to the test!

Objection Handling

Does your team know how to overcome common objections in your industry? Have our shoppers push back on price, timing, or something else and see if your team responds with the proper tone and approach for the situation.

Closing Ability

Is your team asking for the sale? Our shoppers can look for certain closing lines and ensure that your team isn’t losing out on easy deals because they may be too laid back or overly pushy.

Follow Up

Finally, if you expect your team to establish the next steps and then follow up in a specific window of time, we can build that into the program and reporting as well. 

Whether it is over the phone, virtual, in-person, via email, or even live chat, we can build a mystery shopping program to help you ensure that your sales process is being followed properly from start to finish every time. In the competitive landscape in which we live today, you can’t afford to assume your sales team is doing everything perfectly. Check on them and help them find ways to improve so you can create a win-win situation.

Pricing for these shops will vary widely depending on whether you require our shoppers to simply inquire or move forward with some type of purchase. Contact us today to learn more, view the industries we serve, and receive a quote.