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Simple Tips For Successful Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is the perfect way to earn some extra cash! If you’re a fan of dining out or taking a trip to the mall, then mystery shopping could be a beneficial side job for you!

If you’ve never completed a mystery shop assignment before, you may be nervous about what to expect when participating in your first task. There’s really no need to worry—mystery shopping is essentially the same as any ordinary shopping trip, except with a different motive in mind.

In order to successfully complete a mystery shop, here are a few simple tips to remember when going into an assignment:

Carefully Read the Directions

Before starting your assignment, you must read the instructions of the mystery shop very carefully! Familiarize yourself with the questionnaire you will be filling out is also an essential step. Taking these steps will ensure you know exactly what you are looking for on your visit and what is expected of you to accurately complete an assignment.

Good Communication

While on your mystery shop, it’s important to engage with as many employees as possible. When conversing with an employee, make sure to ask questions about a product so that they can demonstrate their knowledge to you. Also, make sure to ask what their name is so you have it when filling out the questionnaire. Attempting to create an engaging conversation with employees helps the mystery shopper gauge the employee’s friendliness, helpfulness, knowledge and overall customer service skills.

Stay Objective

Pick a location where bias will not be a factor in your evaluation. Objectivity is important when providing feedback to a shop. Giving all positive feedback to a shop solely because it’s one of your favorite places to dine out or you know the workers is a violation of our agreement with our mystery shoppers and the assignment will not be accepted. You must report purely what you see without any subjective anecdotal feedback.

Pay Attention to Details

Upon arriving to a shop, it can be easy to forget why you’re actually there. You may feel inclined to just go about your normal routine of ordering a product, paying, and then leaving. While on assignment, it’s crucial to pay attention to every detail of the store. Take note of the outside appearance of the store, the cleanliness/organization of the inside, make sure to scope out the bathroom and take mental notes of the physical appearance of employees you interacted with. All of these things will most likely need to be reported on when completing the questionnaire.

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