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Troubleshooting: Mystery Shop Submissions

Troubleshooting: Mystery Shop Submissions

Here at 360 Relay, we have a dedicated Shopper Help Desk that monitors emails and phone calls seven days a week to give our shoppers the support they need so that all inquiries are answered in a timely manner. One of the most common concerns that our Shopper Help Desk receives is regarding a shopper’s inability to submit a shop report. There are a variety of reasons that this issue could occur, and we have compiled a list of the most common offenders for you to use as a resource should you ever come across this issue.

*Have you filled out your entire shop report?

– If a question hasn’t been answered, there will be a red callout on the section, indicating that a question is missing an answer; clicking on the section will then tell you which question(s) need completing.

*Have all text fields been properly completed?

-Each text field has a character requirement; the minimum requirement must be met in order for the question to count as completed.

*Do the start and end times make sense?

-The end time must be later than the start time; check to ensure you have entered the AM/PM portion of the time correctly!

*Have you followed the question dependency instructions?

-Often on a shop form, there will be questions that are dependent on how other questions are answered. For example, some questions may only be relevant if you shopped at a specific location; when you mark yes/no to the location you shopped, it will either populate or hide other questions, related to the location. Ensure every question is answered accurately so that the proper questions populate on your shop form.

*Did you conduct the shop within the proper timeframe?

-Every shop conducted for 360 Relay must occur on the date it is scheduled for in the system. If you schedule a shop for July 10th and attempt to complete and submit the shop report on July 2nd, the system will not allow you to finalize your report. Ensure you are always conducting shops on the scheduled date; if you need to reschedule, you must confirm the change with your scheduler prior to proceeding with the shop. Shops not completed on their scheduled date will be declined.

*Have you attached all photos and other required files and are they properly timestamped?

-All shops that require a purchase will always require a receipt to be attached. Some shops require additional photos; if you attempt to upload a photo that you took prior to the date of your shop, you will receive an error message. You must make sure the time and date settings within the camera setting on your device are properly set. We also recommend turning on location services when conducting a shop; this assists our quality assurance team as they go through the editing process and makes the photo verification process more efficient.

*Did you hit the finalize button?

-After filling out all questions, text fields, and attaching all required photos, the final step is hitting the finalize or submit button. On the app, there will be a yellow submit button that appears once the entire shop has been filled out and on the web version of iSecretShop, you will see a finalize button in the upper right corner. Once you successfully finalize and submit your shop, you will receive an email that your shop has been submitted. If you don’t receive this email within a few minutes, we recommend reaching out to your scheduler.



As a reminder, all shops conducted for 360 Relay are required to be entered within 24 hours of when the shop is completed unless otherwise stated in the shop instructions. If you are having an issue with shop submission and you feel that you have checked all the areas noted above, please reach out and let us know. We are always here to help you with shop submission and any other questions you might have regarding your shops.