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Why Shopper Referrals and Reviews Are Important to Us

Why Shopper Referrals and Reviews Are Important to Us

Our national mystery shoppers are some of our most outstanding marketers. We appreciate the time and effort our secret shoppers put into helping us recruit new shoppers with positive reviews on social media and by referring new shoppers to our site. Expanding our shopper database helps our company grow, and with that growth, we are able to offer more shops to our loyal shopper database.

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is, “How do you get your shoppers? Where do they come from?” The short answer is that we recruit and enlist shoppers in a variety of different ways using various methods. However, the most common practice for obtaining new shoppers and the one that seems to be the most practical and effective is through referrals. We often reach out to current shoppers, asking them to refer a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. that may be interested in mystery shopping. 

This approach works well for a variety of reasons. If someone is recommending a product or service, it means they believe in it, see its benefits, and recommend it based on their positive experience. The mystery shop industry, in general, is elusive; if someone hasn’t heard of mystery shopping, they have trouble believing that they can actually get paid to simply provide their feedback. However, if the recommendation is coming from someone they know and trust, it becomes a much more realistic endeavor to seek out.

If you are a mystery shopper with 360 Relay, we encourage you to refer us to your friends and family. You will receive your recruiter badge through iSecretShop, and for specific shops, we even offer a referral bonus if you refer a shopper to our site and they sign up and complete a shop! We conduct a variety of shops that have extended shopper rotations due to their nature. Thus, it’s important that we recruit new shoppers through the referral process to enhance our shopper pool, especially for those shops with longer rotations. Please contact our shopper help desk for information about our shopper referral program and related incentives. 

We also encourage shoppers to leave a positive review of 360 Relay through our Google Review page. Positive online reviews not only help us attract new shoppers, but they also help us attract new clients and potential customers. As we obtain new business, we are able to offer our shoppers more mystery shopping jobs and different opportunities.  

Shopper referrals and positive reviews on social media are two ways in which shoppers can help our company expand. We welcome any contributions shoppers can offer in regard to referrals, positive reviews, and telling people about us via word of mouth. We know that our shoppers are vital to the enhancement and development of our business and truly appreciate the time and effort that shoppers put in not only to conducting shops for 360 Relay but for contributing to our ongoing growth.