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Why Should I Become a Mystery Shopper?

Why Should I Become a Mystery Shopper?

You have probably come across the term mystery shopping when searching for ways to make a little extra money, read a little bit about it, and then thought, that sounds too good to be true and moved on.  It’s understandable; getting paid to go out to eat and give your feedback, what’s the catch? We are here to tell you that there is no catch; it’s as simple as it sounds.

Our customers are looking for direct feedback on their operations and their business. Our clients can’t have eyes on all their locations at the same time, which is where mystery shopping comes in. They establish a mystery shop program, and we send in shoppers to provide specific feedback on various elements of their business. What the client is looking for depends on their needs, but it ranges from food and product quality to service standards to sanitation and cleanliness, to reactions to specials or changes within their establishment.

So why should you become a mystery shopper?

  • Money – get paid to give feedback.
    • All of our shop assignments pay a flat rate payment that you receive after the successful submission of your shop report. While you can make money mystery shopping, it’s better to be thought of as a way to supplement one’s income, especially if you enjoy going out to eat. Why not eat for free while providing valuable feedback to our clients!
  • Time – you control your schedule.
    • As a mystery shopper, you are an independent contractor, meaning you can dictate what assignments you want to do and how often you want to do them.
  • New Experiences – going outside your comfort zone and trying new places.
    • We are constantly adding clients to our portfolio, and this includes new openings for existing brands. You can get first dibs on that as a shopper! Our clients want to make sure all their locations are operating at the level they expect, and especially their new locations so that they are starting off on the right foot. Be the first to know about these new places opening and become a part of that new experience.
  • Impact – where your feedback goes.
    • Your shop reports, which are full of your observations and detail, are sent directly to our clients, and they take that feedback to better their operations and the products and services they are providing to their customers. By enhancing and improving their business with the information you provide, you become an important part of that process; you become an advocate for the customer.


If any of these reasons have piqued your interest – what are you waiting for!? You can sign up with us here; it’s quick and easy. You can also visit our Shopper Zone for more information.