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Why the Holiday Season is Perfect for Mystery Shoppers

Why the Holiday Season is Perfect for Mystery Shoppers

The holiday season is upon us, and now is as good a time as any to sign up to be a mystery shopper! We are in the busiest shopping period of the calendar year, so why not sign up to participate in a mystery shopper program to combat some of that spending?

Why now, you might ask? Because the holiday season, from Black Friday to New Year’s Day, is the perfect time of year for mystery shopping jobs, as companies are looking to find the best ways to boost their customer experience as the general public begins their holiday shopping. Not only that, but it offers some significant perks for the shoppers, so here’s why now is the best time of year to participate in mystery shops!

Get Paid to Shop and Check Items Off Your List! 

We have a variety of retail clients throughout the country, across an array of different industries. Our retail shops requiring purchases will always cover the cost of what you are spending, so you can attack your shopping list regardless of who you are shopping for (dad, a sibling, even the dog!). For those retail shops not requiring purchases, simply use the mystery shop as an opportunity to window shop while getting paid for your feedback. 

Take a Well-Deserved Break! 

Treat yourself to a lunch or grab a drink at one of our hundreds of bar and restaurant clients. We conduct hundreds of restaurant evaluations a month across various types of venues, so there is something for everyone! Perhaps you want to grab a quick sandwich or smoothie while you’re out shopping to replenish your energy, or maybe you need a drink after a long day of perusing the mall. Our restaurant shops will almost always cover your food and or beverage purchase, and you deserve it after a day of searching for those perfect gifts! 


Our most lucrative shops are those that don’t require any out-of-pocket spending, and the majority of these shops fall under the fitness category. Check out a new gym, take a tour of the facility and take advantage of free day passes and classes often offered with the shops. “New Year’s Resolution season” is right around the corner, and the number one resolution in this country every year is to get in shape. These shops are a great opportunity to see what type of gym may be right for you and will help to aid in your resolutions and goals. 

These shops are 100% profit as there is no purchase required. Having extra cash in your pocket is always a plus around the holidays, and our no-purchase required shops are a great way to supplement your income, especially during this time of year. 

Treat Yourself! 

Maybe you are all done your shopping, and now it’s time to reward yourself. Take advantage of one of our massage shops or look into booking an overnight stay for one of our lodging clients. These are fun and rewarding shops and great ways to take some time out for yourself during all the madness of the holidays. 

If you are unfamiliar with mystery shopping, now is a great time to see what it’s all about. Please refer to our Shopper Zone, or as always, reach out to our Shopper Help Desk if you have any additional questions. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!