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Your Checklist to Becoming a Mystery Shopper

With the increase of different industries realizing the importance of customer experience and service the demand for mystery shopping is on the rise. Many people who enjoy eating out and shopping are registering online to become a mystery shopper and those who haven’t already, wonder what skills and equipment they would require to become a mystery shopper.

By checking off these items on the checklist you equip yourself for the shop and at the same time minimize the chances of failure. Here is the checklist to becoming a mystery shopper with 360 Intel:

  1. Age 18+: For different types of shops the clients give demographics of how they want their shop to be completed. However, it is standard that the shoppers must be 18 or above to complete a shop.
  2. Valid Email Address: A valid email is important to sign up online and receive notifications and updates of future and currently assigned shops.
  3. Valid Phone Number: It’s important for shoppers to have a valid phone number where they can be contacted or for security purposes of the account.
  4. Stable/Reliable Internet Connection: All scheduling and reporting are done online, so a reliable internet connection is a must.
  5. PayPal Account: Shoppers are required to have a PayPal account to get reimbursed for their shop and services. They cannot fully sign up until they provide a valid PayPal email address.
  6. Transportation: There is no transportation provided. Thus, to complete shops shoppers must have a means of transportation to get to shop locations. There is no reimbursement for their cost of fuel or travel.
  7. Proper Devices: Some shops will require you to take photographs or record audio during the shop. Make sure you check the requirements and have the proper devices charged and ready to go.
  8. Invest money in your experiences: Shoppers are required to spend money upfront to complete the assignment. However, they are compensated for proper completion of the shop report. Many times this is equal to or more than the money spent during the shop.
  9. Attention to detail: It’s required that Shoppers be present in the moment and have a good memory to retain important information that they can later communicate in their reports. Shoppers can have the help of different apps such as Grammarly, Notes, Calendar, Xpense Tracker, Mobile IQ to help them in the process.
  10. Ability to follow guidelines: One of the most common mistakes a Mystery Shopper makes is to not read and retain the directions given to them by the client. When instructions are not followed, a shop may be unsuccessful, resulting in the shopper not being paid for their time.
  11. Capability of hitting deadlines: Clients need to get their shop report quickly to be able to act on it in a timely manner. A shop is to be completed in a given time period or it expires. Shoppers need to make sure they know the deadlines and can adhere to them before taking the shop assignment.

These are the key checklist items to becoming a successful mystery shopper. For more information, check out our Shopper Zone.