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Mystery Shop Program Pricing

Take the Mystery out of Mystery Shopping Pricing.

With all-inclusive pricing and no hidden fees, we strive to be clear and transparent so you can focus on what really matters—your customers. We have designed a pricing algorithm, unique in the industry, which ties the complexity (or simplicity) of your program to the labor hours directly associated with managing it. Our goal is to deliver the exact information that you need, for the lowest possible cost.

Pricing Factors

There are key factors in determining the costs for your Mystery Shopper Program. You can control the costs of your program by adjusting factors to fit any budget.

  1. Shop Type

    Determine the shop type and survey required to capture your relevant data.

    • The number of questions in your survey template
    • Schedule restrictions or requirements for shoppers
    • Demographic criteria of target shopper profile
    • Time required to complete the shop
    • Required photos, video or audio to be captured during the shop

    A shopper compensation is part of the costs of your program, and that is determined by you. We have recommendations and industry standards to suggest an appropriate amount. This is paid directly to the shopper after successful completion of the shop.

  2. Timing/Frequency

    Determine the appropriate frequency that will provide the right amount of data for you to understand how customers are truly experiencing your brand. The vast majority of our clients follow a schedule of at least one visit per month per location.

  3. Locations

    Determine which locations to shop. Understanding how your customer experience is translated among multiple locations can be key to optimizing your brand.

Typically programs run from $25 to $100 per shop plus the amount for shopper compensation. Our programs are recurring, annual programs to allow for the amount of data to be collected to be statistically viable and address all scenarios.

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