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Shopper Payment

Shoppers are paid a set flat rate amount for completing each assignment. The amount is displayed online when you decide to accept the shop. There is no additional reimbursement for expenses, food, parking, mileage, gas, etc. or compensation such as an hourly rate or salary. The payment is a flat rate amount, regardless of what you actually spend during the assignment. Examples of our flat rate payment are described below:

  • The assignment pays $50. You spend $50 on dinner while completing the assignment. You receive $50 to cover the amount you spent, including tax and tip. Think of it as a free meal!
  • The assignment pays $50. You only spend $40 on dinner while completing the assignment. You still receive the full $50 to cover the amount you spent and make a $10 profit!
  • The assignment pays $50, but you spend $70 on dinner and travel expenses while completing the assignment. You still only receive $50. Think of it as $50 towards your meal (like a gift card).
  • The assignment pays $50 and does not require that you purchase anything. You make $50 just for your time visiting the business and completing a report!

As a shopper, you are not an employee of 360 Relay and you will not receive a “paycheck” from us. You will receive a flat-rate payment through PayPal for a predetermined amount after submitting a satisfactory report with a valid receipt. You will NOT receive a reimbursement for expenses in addition to this payment amount, as this is a flat rate payment that is designed to cover part or all of your expenses during the assignment. You will know the amount available for the payment when accepting the assignment. No taxes are withheld from the reimbursement.

Each shopper is an independent contractor and responsible for proper tax reporting for their income. All payments are paid through PayPal and all shoppers are required to have a PayPal account to receive payment. Our shoppers are usually paid within 30 to 45 days of submitting an acceptable report and valid receipt. If 45 days have passed and you have not received payment yet, please submit the form below by filling out all information completely. You will receive a response from our team within two business days. Please do not inquire about a payment unless 45 days have passed to allow time for payment processing.

Still have questions about your payment?  Let us know by emailing