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Customer Experience Management Survey – The Results

The results are in – and some things we expected, and some….well, you should check it out for yourself.

Our annual client survey reveals not only how we are doing in the eyes of our clients, but also sheds light on trends and findings in customer experience management. The report summarizing the results can be found here, but here’s a sneak peak at a few highlights.

Customer Experience is Underfunded

With only 28% responding they plan an increase in budget next year, and 62% stating budget will stay the same, customer experience management programs are trending to be underfunded for 2019. Various sources have stated customer experience is a top objective for companies, however when it comes to the bottom line, often there is a contradiction between objectives and budget. Getting top-level visibility for customer experience programs and their ROI is critical for companies to get the budget to successfully prioritize.

Brand Reputation Management is a Priority

Monitoring and managing a company’s online brand reputation continues to be a critical issue for businesses as we go into the new year. One negative Tweet, Instagram picture, or Google review can spiral into a brand reputation nightmare. The business impact of not successfully managing an online reputation is material – resulting in lost customers, reduction in sales, or an irreparable reputation.  Companies need to prioritize investing in online reputation management before it’s too late.

It’s All About the Data

Sixty-eight percent (68%) report they feel they have the data and tools they need to strengthen their brand, and 71% rank individual reports as the most valuable part of their service. It’s clear data is king and leaders are looking to build upon the foundation of mystery shopping programs with additional data points from surveys, audits and online reviews and social media.

Read the full report now to view the results and learn what we uncovered that might impact your planning for 2019.