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Evaluating Vendors, Partners, and Other Third Parties

Evaluating Vendors, Partners, and Other Third Parties

Does your business success rely on third-party companies to sell, supply products, or service your customers? Rather than hoping and trusting that those third parties will consistently hold up their end of the bargain, it would be much more beneficial to have a strategy to keep tabs on their performance. A well-designed mystery shopping program may be the perfect strategy for you.

Third-Party Sellers

If your company is partnered with an outside sales agency of some kind, we can direct our shoppers to initiate contact and then evaluate the entire sales process with various salespeople. By doing this on an ongoing basis, you can ensure that your company is represented professionally and adequately out in the marketplace. 

Is there anything worse than losing out on growth opportunities due to a flawed sales process? Our shoppers can help reveal this problem early on so you can jump on it and make any necessary changes. On the flip side, if your third-party sellers are doing a great job, then our program will show it, and you can further develop and celebrate that partnership. 

Product Quality and Customer Service:

Do you have contracts with key suppliers? Do you use an outside company to handle your customer service inquiries? Our shoppers can make sure that products are available, delivered on time, and meet consumer expectations. They can also call into call centers, initiate live chats, send emails, or reach out in other ways to make sure that their questions are being answered promptly and correctly. The difference between good and bad customer service can be life or death for your business, especially in today’s competitive environment.

Vendors for Universities

How can higher education institutions know that they are receiving the right candidates if they are using third-party vendors? Because of this, plenty of universities have turned to secret shopper programs as a means of evaluating admissions procedures, on-campus student interactions, and plenty more. The results from these mystery shops lead these institutions to see where best to improve the student experience when it comes to their third-party vendors, from online tutoring to campus restaurant evaluations.

Don’t take a chance – Be upfront with your partners and work together to implement a mystery shopping program that ensures everyone stays on top of their game.

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