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Four Services, Four Unique Perspectives, One Online Dashboard

Four Services, Four Unique Perspectives, One Online Dashboard

Most people find us and know us best for our mystery shopping services. It is the backbone of our company, the thing that we have the most experience with, and we believe it is the most critical component in managing an effective operation. However, it is a lesser-known fact that we have additional services we provide, all of which complement our mystery shopping data and are housed within one interactive dashboard that is easy to use and easy to understand for our clients.

Field Audits

We have mobile app technology where your regional, district, and location managers can log in on their phones or tablets to fill out regular monthly inspections or checklists. These forms are typically up to 200 questions in length, broken down into sections, and have the ability for photo uploads. The results are housed in the online dashboard, with a variety of data visualization and scoring options so you can see how each of your stores is performing. 

This internal customer service evaluation is very important to ensure that brand standards are being met and operations teams are set up for success! Pricing for creating these dashboards is typically set up as a small charge per audit submitted. If you are a mystery shop client, we will waive your setup fee.

Brand Reputation Management

We have integrated an industry-leading dashboard software platform for analyzing and responding to online reviews, as well as social media and listings management. There are many sites online where people can speak out about your brand – Our BRM solution pulls it all into one place. More and more, customers expect you to respond to their reviews, both positive and negative — and there is no doubt that people make informed decisions about where to eat or shop based on local company review averages. 

If you don’t have an online reputation strategy these days, you’re already losing to your competitors. We can help you set up email alerts and summary reports so you can see and interact with your raving fans, as well as handle any complaints expeditiously. Pricing is a flat rate per location per month, with volume discounts based on how many locations you have.

Guest Surveys

This is the most classic and traditional means of collecting feedback from your customers – Just asking them directly! Our service is a digital comment card customers can access via a link or QR code and fill out a short survey about their customer experience, providing their email address at the end to collect a coupon or incentive if desired. 

Once again, the results are housed in our dashboard with a multitude of summary reporting tools and options so you can dive in and identify any potential areas of improvement in real time. Depending on expected volume, pricing can either be set on a per submission level or at a flat monthly rate.

Pulling It All Together

For the last 3-5 years, all the talk has been about building a data-driven scorecard that can be used internally to best reflect the level of service being provided for customers. This scorecard can be used to assess the health of the company, develop training plans and strategies, and align bonus plans and compensation to how managers are delivering on expectations. 

With our combination of services, the 360 Relay dashboard is designed to be exactly that type of tool. We can put together a scorecard for you and even set it up to be emailed out to you and your stakeholders on a scheduled basis. Check out this recent Q & A with one of our top clients, where he talks about the value of pairing up our services to drive growth for their franchise brand.

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