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Get More Value From Your Data

Get More Value From Your Data

The dashboard is your friend

In the course of working with our clients, we often find that they are not taking advantage of all the features we offer to make their lives easier. These things happen for various reasons, whether it’s a change in the point of contact running the program, people feeling slightly intimidated by dashboards in general, or perhaps a newly added feature that they were not yet made aware of.

However, if there is one feature in particular that all of our clients should be utilizing, it is the auto-export feature. This feature allows you to choose exactly which report(s) matter most to you and then have them delivered to your inbox on a scheduled basis.

If you are compiling individual mystery shop reports throughout the month in your inbox, either from us or another provider, and then extracting the data to run manual reports in a spreadsheet – Please stop and call us! Our system can do all of that legwork for you automatically, and it is included with your program at no extra charge.

Here are some examples of popular auto-export report types:

  • Question summary, monthly – This will show you the average scores broken down by question for the previous month’s shops and it can also be grouped by location for comparison purposes.
  • The missed report, monthly – This will show you the lowest scoring questions on average, sorted in order, for the previous month. Want to know where you’re struggling the most? This is the best report for that.
  • YTD or last 12-month trend report – This can show overall averages, section averages, or even individual questions so you can see how you’re performing over time.

These are just a few examples, but we can also build custom reports if needed. If the data is being captured in your program, we can find a way to report on it and deliver it to your inbox automatically so you don’t even need to think about it. We can also set it up so different users in your company get the same reports, or different versions based on their level of access, as well.

Our Client Help Desk team is very experienced in operating the Prism dashboard and ready to help you get more out of your mystery shop data!