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iSecretShop Website Navigation

iSecretShop Website Navigation

As a shopper with 360 Relay, your account is set up on the iSecretShop platform. iSecretShop is a third-party vendor that provides mystery shop companies across the country with software solutions for their mystery shop needs. We understand that it is confusing for some shoppers; working with the two separate companies, and understanding the proper channels to communicate through when there is a question regarding a shop or a software glitch. For all shop-related questions, such as rescheduling, canceling, payment, and instruction clarity, you should always reach out to your scheduler at 360 Relay. iSecretShop is available for any technical support, but the support staff at 360 Relay will help with most of your questions. Below is a basic reference guide to navigating the iSecretShop website.

*Click on this link to log into the iSecretShop website

-Please note that any password reset must be done through iSecretShop, by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link next to the login button.

*To view open-shop opportunities in your area, click on the available shops link on the left-hand side.

-The shops that appear will default to shops within twenty-five miles of your location. If you want to view shops outside that radius, you can use the search bar above the map to plug in a different city, state, or zip.

-If interested in completing a shop on the list, click on ‘view details,’ plug in the date that you wish to complete, and click ‘confirm.’ If there are any issues with the date you chose, the system will alert you to select another date.

*Once you have accepted a shop, it will be located under the assigned shop button, which is in green, at the top of your home page.

-Click on the ‘view/complete’ shop button in orange, to view the shop details and fill out your shop form.

-The shop form is split up into scections, which are indicated by the blue icons.

-To submit your shop, click on the finalize button in the upper right corner. If any section hasn’t been filled out in its entirety, you will be able to see which section is missing information as indicated in green, below the blue icon.

*To review any outstanding payments and your payment history, click on the payment button, in yellow, at the top of your home page.

-You can use the filter button to look at a specific date range, status, or type.

-An orange notification is visible beneath each shop with either the paid date, or it will indicate that the payment is pending.

*Any communication from 360 Relay will be done so through alerts, and any new alerts will be shown through a red bell in the upper right corner. Click on that bell, and you will be taken to a list of alerts and by clicking on one, you are able to respond to the admin who has reached out.

There are other areas of the site you will want to familiarize yourself with on the left side menu. If you click on the ‘update extended profile’ link, you will be brought to a page of demographics to enter, and this is also where you can confirm the payment method you have put on file. If you are interested in shopping for other companies, you should click on ‘provider contracts and policies’ to review their guidelines.

While the iSecretShop platform is user-friendly for shoppers, we understand that it can be overwhelming, especially for newer shoppers. If you ever have any questions about the platform or the iSecretShop app, please don’t hesitate to let us know.