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Partner Spotlight: MSPA

The Mystery Shop Providers Association is an organization that focuses on strengthening our industry through relationships with vendors, evaluators and clients alike. Any reputable company that provides mystery shopping, merchandising or brand audit services, belongs to this important organization. The MSPA board is made up of company owners who provide support for the association members by inspiring performance and reputation across the industry. Our very own CEO, Tyler Goodwin is on the board and dedicates time to supporting the association, more specifically by staying involved in the ongoing legislative changes that affect our industry.

The MSPA is a great resource for evaluators and there are two different membership levels. The basic membership level, which is free, gives you access to the job board, training opportunities and access to the MSPA Facebook page where you can learn about current happenings and events and connect with other evaluators. The plus membership is $30 annually and gives you access to everything the basic membership provides as well as discounted training courses, free webinars and the access to enroll in the Abenity discount program.

There are great benefits for evaluators when they become an MSPA member. There is an opportunity board that serves as a place for different mystery shop companies to post their open jobs and you can learn about other companies you may not be working for and what industries they serve.  There are many certification courses that evaluators can take to become experts in different industries, such as retail, video, fine dining, banking and financial institutions, among many others. These certifications go a long with way with MSP companies and they reward shoppers with better opportunities for participation in these courses. The Abenity discount program offers perks and discounts at retailers, movie theaters, hotels, cruises, auto buying and many others.

The MSPA is a great organization that has grown a lot over their 20-year existence and has become a great place for vendors, evaluators and end users to come together and share ideas from their different perspectives. If you are interested in becoming a member, and want to learn more about the MSPA, please check them out by clicking the following link: MSPA.