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[Press Release] New Service Allows Businesses to Protect and Improve Their Brand Reputation

Leading mystery shopping provider accelerates growth by adding online reputation management to their services mix

CONCORD, NH – August 21, 2018 – 360 Intel, a leading provider of mystery shopping services, today announced they have added online brand reputation management to their suite of services. This new service is designed to help business owners and operators control their brand’s online ratings, reviews and reputation with an integrated platform that monitors and manages social media, as well as aggregates ratings sites.

“We have heard clients talk about the pain they have in managing social media and online reviews for years now,” stated Tyler Goodwin, CEO of 360 Intel. “We are thrilled to provide an offering that simplifies this and enhances their ability to manage their brand’s reputation online. Now they can know exactly how customers feel about their brand, as well as monitor how prospective customers may perceive them.”

Online brand reputation management is a hot topic for business operators and marketing leaders today. With 91% of online searches not going past page 1, and Google becoming the first place prospective customers go to learn about a business, not monitoring an online reputation is no longer an option for businesses. The impact can be severe if companies don’t react quickly to public comments, and consumers expect transparency in a brand that can only be accomplished online.

The platform, which is provided in an integrated dashboard with their mystery shopping service, is feature-rich with capabilities designed to take the complexity out of managing the various social channels.  

The robust feature set includes:

  • Online review management
  • Heatmaps
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Location listing monitoring
  • Social media monitoring & management
  • Posted photo monitoring
  • Rank tracking
  • Review booster
  • Sentiment analysis
  • System integrated workflows

A video overview is available to learn more.

“Businesses need a 360-view of their customers’ experience with their brand,” discussed Kurt Eddins, President of 360 Intel. “Mystery shopping provides unbiased, targeted feedback, but pairing that with real-time online customer reactions is critical in completing the full view for a business. Without both, business operators are running with blind spots and can put their company at risk without realizing it.”

360 Intel’s Online Brand Reputation Management is available now. Learn more at