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Why 360 Relay

Why 360 Relay

One common question we have received from clients and mystery shoppers over the past few months is why we decided to change our name to 360 Relay, and particularly why we selected the term Relay. Here’s the story…

In 2021, we decided it was time for a slight adjustment to our brand, so we partnered with a local marketing agency that presented us with several options to choose from for a name change, and Relay clearly stood out as the best fit of the bunch. Here are some of the reasons why we feel it is a great description of who we are as a company and the work we do everyday:

  • Relaying Information: In the most basic sense, what we “sell” is information. And the way we deliver this information to our clients is by gathering it from a variety of sources, reviewing and processing it internally, and then relaying it to the end users. Hence, we felt the term relay matched up well with our business model. We view ourselves as the middleman in this scenario and to be successful, we need to understand and communicate well with all our stakeholders around us.
  • Relay Race Mindset: Much like a relay race on a track which usually consists of several racers passing the baton to one another, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ businesses and as part of their team. With our collection of services, we “pass the baton” to them to support their company’s growth and improvement. To be successful in passing the baton requires great preparation, communication, and experience. Our team has worked with thousands of businesses and is well-versed in all the steps that must be followed to deliver the desired outcomes.

Anyone who has experience with branding can attest that naming a company is a challenging task. There are many things to keep in mind and it is not a perfect science, but in our case, we are very excited about the outcome. 360 Relay is here to stay!