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360 Intel’s Practices to Ensure Mystery Shopper Safety

360 Intel’s Practices to Ensure Mystery Shopper Safety

Our team at 360 Intel works hard to make sure the safety of our Shoppers is never compromised, and that’s why we have a standardized approach for our Mystery Shopper community.

  • 360 Intel ONLY pays through PayPal to ensure the safety of the shoppers’ bank account information.
  • All our employees communicate through the company email (
  • 360 Intel accepts shopper sign-ups only through our website and through our partner PRISM Intelligence.
  • 360 Intel does not offer any assignments that include “Money Transfers.”
  • 360 Intel pays its shoppers a flat fee for their services. The shop can be a no purchase necessary or a necessary purchase shop; our pay will remain the same for the assignment.
  • 360 Intel offers our mystery shopper community to schedule appointments through our Facebook page for any shopper query they might have. We also offer a 7 day a week shopper helpline.

Please visit our Shopper Zone for more information!